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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Clinic?

Virtual Clinic visits are personalized face-to-face interactions that make it easy to preserve medical history and enable excellent care in the comfort of your home.

Visit 'The Clinic' to find out more information. 

What services can a Virtual Clinic offer?

Our providers treat a range of non-urgent illnesses & conditions in adults (18+). 

Visit 'Our Services' page to see a full list of the services we provide. 

Who staffs LifePhysician's Virtual Clinic?

Your virtual visit will be with Board Certified physician.

Visit 'Our Providers' to find out more about Dr. Chance. 

What is your new patient procedure?

All new patients will be asked to fill out any required information prior to the visit. Forms include our privacy policy, general health questionnaire and insurance information.

What should I expect during my visit?

You should be prepared to discuss whatever your health concern is. If you have a skin disorder and shared pictures through the secure medical portal, then your provider would have reviewed them before the visit. 

If you have a fever or are concerned about a cough or flu-like symptoms, you may be asked to give your temperature reading from a home thermometer.

If we are refilling blood pressure medications, you may be asked to give the most recent blood pressure reading on your home device.

How does LifePhysician ensure I'm receiving the best medical care?

Your $75 goes a long way. After your visit you will be able to message your provider if you have any questions regarding recommendations, tests or prescriptions.

We want to make sure that you understand everything regarding your recent visit and are comfortable managing yourself at home.

Can I share my LifePhysician visit information with my doctor?

Yes, we want to make sure your primary care provider has information about your visit. We will provide you with a summary of your visit and you can send a copy to your primary care provider.

If you don't have a primary care provider, our practitioners can provide a list of local hospitals, urgent care centers and physicians accepting new patients. We also provide a list of free or low-cost providers in the area.

Does LifePhysician accept my insurance?

We care currently a fee-for-service practice. We strive to provide the best medical care at the most affordable prices. No matter the problem the consultation fee is the same, $75.

If it is determined that you will need labs or xrays we will tell you the cost of the tests and send an invoice if you would like to get the tests done. If you have insurance a portion of the lab test or studies may be covered.

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